Monday, October 24, 2011

Alerting: new feature of Tweetcounter

We have just added a great new feature to our application Tweetcounter: alerting. It is now possible to receive a notification via SMS or email after a (adjustable) number of tweets has been reached. The time interval monitored is also adjustable. For instance, you can set an alert to be notified when the keyword 'attack' has occured 15,000 times in tweets within 15 minutes. It's a great way to be warned of peaks in Twitter traffic without having to monitor keywords (events) from minute to minute.

Together with this new tool, we have added a 'Tweetstream' in the Tweetcounter dashboard. Here you can see the latest tweets about the keyword that you are monitoring.

For pricing of the new alerting functionality please contact us on or via phone on +31641112411.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Publish and embed: new feature for Tweetcounter

Today we have launched a new feature for Tweetcounter. It was already possible to download the graphs as png, jpg, pdf and vector image. Now we have added a 'publish' button next to 'download data' on the bottom of the search results page. If you click on that button we will generate a report of your search results for a specific keyword or combination of keywords.

You can either use the link to the complete page of the search results or use embed codes for parts of the report. In this way using the search results on a website is a piece of cake.

In your dashboard you can find a list of the reports that you have published, so they are always accessible for you.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The history of RTReporter

For a few years now I have been blogging about Twitter on When writing stories about Twitter, I felt a growing need for tools to analyze and visualize the real-time conversation about certain topics. I found there were hardly any around that met my needs.

This is how it all got started. When I talked to my business partner Marijn Deurloo about this, we decided to start RTReporter. Our idea is to offer a range of tools for journalists, bloggers, PR and marketing managers to monitor the real-time web. Our first product is Tweetcounter.

This application gives the user the possibility to monitor a keyword or combination of keywords real time on Twitter, using the streaming API of Twitter. TweetCounter not only provides the numbers but also visualizes the data in a useful graphic. The app is perfect for feeling the pulse of Twitter.

From the moment the user enters a query TweetCounter will show the number of tweets containing the keyword(s), but also the percentage of retweets, total impressions and the percentage of tweets that contain links.

TweetCounter also displays the top 10 links, photos, videos and hashtags. Graphics and the raw data can be all downloaded.